Web Hosting and Other Network Services

Luminated offers different network services:

  • Consulting for network setup (LAN, WiFi and cabled, routing and switching)
  • Different Internet services:
    • Renting (optionally also setup and management) of VPS (virtual private servers, provided by 3rd parties)
    • Web hosting (home page, e-mail etc. on shared server)
    • E-mail (specialiced service with guaranteed good sender IP reputation)
    • Domain name registration

In the list below, you’ll find our main service providers. We have chosen these for providing great performance and stability over time. Please contact us to ask what we can offer and recommend for helping you fulfill your needs in this area.

In some scenarios it would still be more efficient for the customer to sign up with our providers directly. In these cases, it would be beneficial for Luminated as an affiliated provider if you could use the links below to sign up:

Our Service Providers

(These are so called affiliate links.)


Shared web hosting and email and whitelabel ticket support.

Inception Hosting

Shared web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS).


Share web hosting, dedicated servers and LIR services.

E-mail and DNS services


Email services with a guaranteed good sender IP reputation. Interested in email services from MXroute, but need assistance setting this up? Contact us.


The Icelandic 1984 Hosting offers the excellent service FreeDNS, in addition to shared web hosting and both Managed and unmanaged virtual servers (VPS).

(Ordering via these last two links has no economical benefit for us, so please be so kind as to mention Luminated in your order.)