What Services We Offer

Luminated mainly offer services in three areas:


We are involved in both short, independant jobs, and bigger projects over time. This involves:

  • Planning
  • Counselling
  • Installation
  • Setup and configuration

We also take some customer support, data rescue/salvation tasks, and other smaller jobs, but we don’t have the capacity, nor wish for providing such services on a larger scale.


We are not a typical software developer company, but we still have quite some experience with setting up backend (server configuration, hardware etc.) and in configuring and customizing different content management systems (CMS). We have have both developed our own solutions (in Ruby, Python and PHP) and customized, configured and used systems like Joomla, Bolt CM, CMS Made Simple, HTMLy, Subrion, Grav, HTMLy, Drupal, October CMS, TextPattern, MiddleMan, Jekyll, Hugo og Wordpress.

Courses and Training

Luminated has many years of experience with both developing classes and course material, and for customizing courses and creating custom workshops.

Some Topics:

  • Basic and advanced UNIX/Linux
  • macOS and macOS Server
  • UNIX/Linux shell programming
  • System Administrastion on Linux
  • Network Services on Linux
  • Linux on IBM Power8
  • UNIX/Linux security
  • OpenLDAP
  • DNS and BIND

We have a broad knowledge of, certifications for and experience in teaching on all the main Linux Distributions (Debian/Ubuntu, Red Hat, SuSE and more).

Our Service Partners

Here's a selection of our service partners:
(There's no affiliate click tracking, so please be kind and mention Luminated if you contact one of these directly.)

Design and animation:


Knæpp is a small design and animation studio that specializes in crafting memorable stories. We thrive on bringing things to life, be it through websites, logos, or films.

Design and logo design:

Daniel T.

A skilled designer of web pages, logoes and more. He designed the Luminated logo. Luminated can pass on messages to Daniel through the contact form.