About Luminated

The company Luminated was founded in January 2014 by Filip Stokkeland. It is a sole proprietorship company, registered in in the Norwegian Brønnøysund Registry, Company Registration Number being 813 058 952.

Filip has worked in the computer business since the first part of the nineties. He has worked for companies like Skrivervik Data and Linpro (later RedPill Linpro). He has done customer support, consulting, system administrastion and training.

The company has excellent partners doing web design and logo design, and the owner also has a large network after many years in the computer industry. We also have good deals with different providers of both hardware and services.

What makes Luminated unique, is the combination of a broad spectrum of knowledge experience, combined with a narrower and deeper knowledge in certain areas, all this combined with flexibility, good communication skills and a good track record of bringing projects to completion.

Total honesty is a core value of the company.

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Luminated has broad experience with different content management systems (CMS) og publication technologies. You can read more about this on the Areas of Expertise page.

Feel free to contact us if these pages don’t look too good in your web browser, given that you’re using a fairly modern web browser.

About the Company Name

The word “Luminated” is derived from the Latin word “lumen”, which means light. The English word illuminated is another word derived from lumen. Så the word can mean “to have knowledge”, or to be bright. The name was not chosen to carry a very deep meaning, or to be overly profound, but it seemed like a nice domain name at the time.